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Top Tips to Selling your home in todays market

Selling your home is all about your property presentation.  This asset is important to us so obtaining the right price is equally important.
A prospective buyer of your property will want it to feel like THEIR future home when they come round to view. Therefore getting them to imagine their lifestyle in your property is important, with each room being used where possible to its intended use.

To sell your home in today's market here are a few simple steps that can help:

1 - Good external appearance - Landscaping and the exterior of your property is the first thing your prospective purchaser will view - not only on the website photographs but upon arrival. Remove unwanted items and tidy up any areas.
2 - The entrance creates the next impression - make sure it is tidy and uncluttered and inviting for the people viewing your property, neutral colours, good lighting and accessories all help
3 - Use lighting to your advantage - it may be a dull day - put the lights on to make the home feel bright and cheerful and welcoming if necessary
4 - Consider re-painting dark subdued colours if you are able to - any potential buyer will want to place their own stamp on a property - you can help by giving them a neutral/blank canvas
5 - You don't want to incur costs doing major works in the bathrooms or kitchens - however small changes to knobs, door handles and lighting can all give a different appearance to a dated room
6 - Keep it simple - if you are moving, you will need to pack your things. Consider removing some items and packing them away or storing to create that feeling of space for your prospective purchaser, no one wants to see cluttered homes, the rooms look smaller and less impressive.  Make sure all areas are clean and inviting.
7 - Pets - some people love animals, some do not, others are allergic to them.  Try to think if it is possible for them to be out of the house during your viewing so you don't need to worry about them.
8 - Let you Agent help - use their experience for viewings and negotiation - it takes the awkwardness and difficulty away from you.  Let us do our job and achieve the best possible price for your home, and take the stress away from you. Something the ON-LINE Agents cannot do.
Moving is a daunting experience in itself and some of our tips may seem a little harsh. But remember you are looking to sell your home and will be leaving it anyway - so although some of our suggestions seem drastic - painting out your favourite colour - you can replicate this if you wish to in your new home when you have moved.

If we can be of any help regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember we offer sale fees starting from £995.00 plus VAT - which can include solicitors' costs - and of course NO SALE - NO FEE - NO UPFRONT CHARGES!!